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At Zenith Sun Services, we feel a special pride and a privilege to be take care of all your moving needs - from A to Z.

Our attention to detail, combined with an immense 20 years of experience in success make us your perfect moving partner.
We take the time to understand your needs, devise a plan and execute it in timely, cost effective and stress free manner.

We offer both pre-packing and post-packing services - both on the day of move and we also provide cleaning services for the previous or new residence. We perform assembly and disassembly of existing and new furniture, carefully transported over local and long distance moves; all you need to do is to sit back and tell us how you'd to decorate your new home!


Whether you simply need a few items moved around in your present home, or need help starting your new life, we at Zenith Sun Services are here for you.

Moving Day

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Domestic Removals

No matter what type of home you’re moving from - or to - our professionally trained movers at Zenith Sun Services will get the job done right.

With each move, you can be rest assured knowing our movers are fully licensed and insured, and that each of your belongings are padded and wrapped for full protection. 

Business Removals

Packing Services

The safe transportation of your property is of utmost importance. Whether it’s protecting them from the weather or pre-empting accidentally damage, we ensure the highest attention to detail.


Experience matters. Our tried and tested processes, quality packing materials and keen eye for the obvious hazards that most will miss are what set Zenith Sun apart. 

At Zenith Sun Services, we understand that business is about efficiency, pragmatism, and flawless execution; the last thing you need is for a move to take forever.


We do our due diligence, performing a thorough, COVID-safe assessment of your requirements, ensuring your staff and our team know what needs to be done as soon and as quickly as possible.


CONTACT US  /  Tel. +1 (202) 359-5123

Thank you! We'll get back as soon as possible!

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